I have this headcanon that when Sasuke finally realizes he has feelings for Sakura, he’ll be so awkward about it. She’d be really oblivious about his feelings too.

Awkward!Sasuke is the best tho

Sasuke didn’t know what to do anymore. He had complimented her, sent her gifts, he had even asked her out on a date. He was beginning to think that she was more dense than Naruto.

"Telling her that she inflicts pain on other’s well isn’t a compliment, teme." Naruto shook his head before taking another slurp of his ramen. The blond was looking at him as if he was a hopeless idiot.

Maybe he was. She had turned him into one if he had to go to Naruto, of all people, for advice.

The Uchiha glared at the blonde, feeling more frustrated than anything else. 

"Maybe you should try a different approach." Naruto suggested. Sasuke raised his brow questioningly.

"And what do you possible have in mind, dobe?" He asked exasperatedly. Really, he did not run off to Sound, become a missing nin, and kill countless ninja just to be falling over some annoying, pink-haired, insufferable teammate of his.

"Why don’t you just tell her?" Naruto said slowly, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Sasuke’s brows furrowed, unsure about this new plan. He was a blunt person, and oftentimes, he said what was on his mind with little regard of other people’s feelings. But this was different. It was as if her presence caused his mouth to shut down, leaving him to babble an incoherent jumble of words.

"Tell her what?" Sasuke questioned gruffly. Naruto rolled his eyes at him.

"That you love-"

Naruto wasn’t able to finish the sentence because he was suddenly hit in the face with the forehead of a chopstick. 

"Ow! What’d you do that for you bastard?!" He yelled, rubbing at the reddening indent in his skin.

Sasuke was glaring at him intensely, his eyes sharp. The red tint to his cheeks ruined the threatening aura. 

"Don’t just say it out loud, you idiot." He muttered, the blush on his cheeks growing more prominent.

Naruto looked at him with disdain.”You’re pathetic.”


Sakura was surprised when Sasuke had asked her to go training with her. Although it wasn’t strange, they were teammates after all, he had asked her to come alone. 

She had planned on asking Sai, Naruto, and Kakashi too. She never saw them anymore due to her schedule.

Sasuke had been acting strange lately. He had sent her a box of slugs  the other day, saying that it had reminded him of her. There was also the time when she had gotten completely soaked during training and he had insisted that she wear his shirt, even though she insistently replied that she didn’t mind getting a little wet from the rain. He told her to keep it when she tried giving it back to him. His skills were getting rusty as well, he was coming to her office more and more often to get treated by her- even for the smallest bruises and cuts.

She was worried. Maybe he was sick with something.

She arrived at the training grounds, spotting Sasuke standing awkwardly near a tree.

She waved to him. He didn’t wave back, instead he crossed his arms, a scowl on his face. Was he angry with her?

He walked to her, the frown still on his face. 

"Sasuke, what’s wrong?" She asked in concern. He didn’t say anything at all, continuing to glare at her menacingly.

"Sasuke?" She repeated."I,uh, are you-"

A gasp left her lips as he quickly pulled her, his hands wrapped around her wrists, making her bend forward at an awkward angle.

"Uh…?" She looked at the male in front of her worriedly. His head was bowed, his eyes not meeting hers at all, instead focusing on the ground.



Minutes passed by and he still refused to give any sort of explanation, eyes still glued to his feet. His face had gone completely red.

She tried to free herself from his grasp but his hands were like iron. 


She heard him mutter something under his breath.

"What?" She furrowed her brows, getting more impatient by the second. He finally looked up at her, face still fixed in a glare. But Sakura realized that he also looked incredibly flustered, his whole face was flushed.

He murmured something again. 

"I can’t hear anything you’re saying." She replied.

This seemed to anger him, his brows scrunching together even more.

Iloveyou." He gritted out, as if he was being forced to say it. Like he was in pain just from saying the words.

She didn’t respond, unsure what to say, what to even think. Her eyes widened a fraction but other than that, no other indication that she had heard him was apparent on her face.

I said I love you.” He repeated, his tone more annoyed this time.

"I heard." Sakura had the gall to say. His eyes widened and he quickly whipped his head to the side. Why was he subjecting himself to this humiliation.

To make things even worse, she had the nerve to laugh. Sasuke glowered at her. She thought this was funny? He should have known that there was a sadist beneath that seemingly innocent persona she held.

Are you fucking laughing?” Sasuke hissed angrily. She thought it was amusing to play with his feelings.”I fucking told you I love you and you-“

He was silenced by a the brush of her lips against his own, making him momentarily lose the anger and frustration that was filling him. They were incredibly soft and Sasuke leaned in just as she began to pull away, wanting more.


"You’re blushing." She stated, just to torture him even more.

"Sakura." He warned. She only laughed harder. The gleam in her warm green eyes and the sound of the musical laughter coming out from her soft pink lips made it difficult to be angry with her.

Instead, he seized her lips, melding them together and moving against them languidly. Their breaths intermingled, and he took the chance to deepen the kiss, a deep grumble ripped from his throat when their tongues met. She tasted sweet.

She pulled away too quickly for his tastes, her chest already heaving, her cheeks now scarlet.

"Hn." He smirked, touching their foreheads together.

Sakura wrapped her arms around his neck this time and laid her head on his shoulder.

"I love you too."


Finally. I actually wanted this to be dramatic and deep but somehow I screwed up somewhere in the middle lmao. Hope it’s not too confusing.

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